Oxford Academy of Miami Charter School is a Miami Dade County Public School, with no tuition fees and small class sizes.

As a public school, the Oxford Academy of Miami, will use the Dade County Public School curriculum for all our students. However, this will be only the beginning.

Since part of our goal is to be one of the top schools in the district, we will be supplementing our curriculum with the latest in research based curriculum, and have technology available for all our students to use both at school, and through the internet with access at home as well.

Aligned with the State Standards, Florida Next Generation Standards and Common Core Standards used to measure students on the FCAT, these educational tools will assist our children in being the best that they be.

Small class sizes are also a key component of our formula for success at the Oxford Academy of Miami. One of our main goals is to have our students feel that they are in a familiar, comfortable environment. We want parents to be able to recognize all of the staff and faculty quickly as the get to know us.

With a small Charter School such as this, it can be easily accomplished. The intimidation parents can face with getting to know a school is something we wish to eliminate from the start.

A safe environment for our students, in addition to having a small class size (A Student-Teacher Ratio no greater than 18 to 1), we believe allows for your children to experience a loving, nurturing environment.

A final component to our formula for success is ambition. Since teachers will have such a small class size, they can spend much less time on classroom management and discipline, and more time getting the most out of your child.

We will expect the best from our students, and there will be a very tangible Culture of Success that runs parallel to our mission for the school.

Students will be pushed, and expectations will be high. When a child leaves Oxford Academy, it is our goal to have that child be ready to enter any other Dade County Public School with as great a competitive advantage as possible.

We understand that not all students can be the valedictorian of their class, but we also believe that getting all students to meet their potential will yield happier children, and more successful lives.

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